Hello AWS recruiter!

Welcome to the Rodger Pegues personal website.  I have a background in Microsoft and Linux Server administration and web development.  I studied this and Cisco Networking at Seattle Central College for 1 year. Presently I work at Amazon as a Warehouse Fulfillment Associate.

I set up this WordPress blog with my FQDN on the Amazon Free Tier to demonstrate an aspect of my skill set and abilities. I aspire to be an AWS Associate.

To further demonstrate my abilities I also set up a static web site hosted in an S3 bucket here: rodgersstaticwebsite

Next I will set up a mail server on an ec2 Linux Server micro instance. So stay tuned!

I’m doing all this to demonstrate my proficiency with the AWS technology.  I study AWS, either by experimenting on the console or by watching and following tutorials everyday.

Of course the cool thing about AWS is the scalability that we can implement with scripts so that it’s automated or triggered by specific metric events or thresholds.  Understanding the complexity of AWS architecture and how to implement those solutions in the real world is my ultimate goal!

I look forward to an interview in which I can further detail my unique qualifications.




Rodger Pegues


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